Do you experience dry air in your home during those cold winter months? Dry indoor air can be a threat to the health and comfort of your family but also cause structural damage your home.

If you have forced air heat, and experience dry indoor air, you may consider installing a whole home humidifier. Having a furnace humidifier helps add moisture to the air, which makes your home more comfortable.

The water is uniformly distributed across the width of the tray and through a scientifically designed system of outlets. It flows by gravity over the water panel evaporator. Dry, hot air from the HVAC system is moved through the moisture-laden water panel evaporator. Natural evaporation takes place, the water is turned to vapor, and the humidified air is circulated throughout your home

Aprilaire Humidifiers can help you maintain the optimal humidity in your home between 40% – 60% minimizing the formation of bacteria, dust mites, fungi, and viruses. This helps reduce the incidence of respiratory infections and symptoms related to allergies and asthma. In addition, you’ll feel more comfortable while also preserving items in your home susceptible to damage from changing humidity or dry conditions.

Aprilaire Humidifiers

  • Full coverage up to 2,500 square feet in average constructed homes* with a capacity of 17 gallons per day.
  • Convenient digital control shows percent humidity, lights indicate humidifier is running, when to change the water panel, when service is needed, and Blower Activation switch sets humidifier to run continually, or only when the furnace runs
Aprilaire Humidifier

Contact White Bear Heating & Cooling for more information on whole home humidifiers or to schedule an installation. Let our professional technicians install an Aprilaire humidifier in your home and say goodbye to dry indoor air.

White Bear Heating & Cooling is fully licensed, bonded and insured so you will have peace of mind when we install your new whole home humidifier.